We chat to Lyndsay about becoming a superstar hoop teacher, starting her hoop business and her tips for teaching in the UK

Welcome to the first of our LiveLoveHoop Hoop Teacher Feature series – where we profile outstanding graduates of our UK Hoop Teacher Training program and find out what makes them tick.

Lyndsay Hooper (her real name!) got into hooping in 2009 on her summer break from University after seeing a hoop video online. She bought a hoop and an instructional DVD and never looked back. Now she runs a successful business, Hooper Hoops in Leamington Spa and Warwick, teaching local classes, performing and selling handmade hoops. She also teaches at hoop conventions around the UK!

When did you realise you wanted to teach hoop?

Lyndsay Hooper (LH) – Probably in the last 4 or 5 years. I found I was teaching people anyway once I took over from Sue at the Leamington Hoop Club. I’d not really thought of myself as a teacher but the more people I taught the more and more I loved it.

Livelovehoop_teacher_training_hulahoop_ukHow did you find out about LiveLoveHoop Teacher Training and what made you sign up?

LH – I’d seen other hula hooper’s on Facebook discuss it and spoken in person to a couple about it and all of them swore it was the best course – very informative, thorough and supportive. I wanted to start teaching but just really lacked the confidence and was worried I wasn’t good enough, had no idea how to plan a lesson and wasn’t sure where an earth to start. The training felt like a really important step to help with those worries. Once I’d saved up the money I decided to go for it!

How was your experience in the hoop teacher training? Would you recommend it?

LH – Yes, it was brilliant! Jo was very thorough, informative and supportive and the course was well planned out with a really helpful guide book at the end (which 2 years later I still refer back to!). She was very patience with my deluge of questions as well.


What have you achieved since graduating? Tell us about your business!

LH – I’ve set up Hooper Hoops and run my own regular classes in Leamington and taught at larger hoop conventions too. I was teaching 4 classes a week over the summer! It’s given me the confidence to go on and teach more unique workshops and handling large groups of people of different ages as well.

What are your proudest teaching moments?

LH -When a student who’s been struggling with a move, nails it and they leave with the BIGGEST smile. Plus it’s an amazing achievement to be teaching at hoop conventions – in the last year I’ve taught at the Brighton Flow Fest, SWHoop, Birmingham Hoop Fest and the Irish Hoop Convention!

What do you love about teaching hula hooping? What motivates you?

LH- It’s incredibly rewarding – helping people to overcome their own ideas about what they can and can’t do, showing them their bodies are capable of amazing things, helping them to feel better emotionally, mentally and physically. And laughing at teacher concentration face as well as student concentration face!

How_to_become_a_hoop_teacher_uk_lyndsayWhat are your goals/plans for your hoop teaching in the future?

LH -I’m hoping to expand to more corporate workshops and schools as well as continue classes in Leamington – making more unique courses as well as running the different ability levels. And hopefully keep refining my own skills to bring my students something new!

Anything else you would like to share?

LH – Value yourself and your skills. Stop doing that event, class or workshop for free because you’re trying to break into the market or you’re not quite sure you’re good enough. You ARE awesome and should charge your worth. Have confidence in yourself! Deep breath and dive in. Keep spinning <3.


Are you inspired to teach hulahooping?

Thanks Lyndsay! If you found this inspiring, check out our LiveLoveHoop Teacher Training program, which runs in Brighton, UK, on different weekends throughout the year. We can also come to your location in the UK, Europe or anywhere in the world – just get in touch with us.

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