Light up the night with a fire hoop!

Workshop includes:

  • Explanation and provision of fuel, dipping kit and safety equipment, explanation of how to be a fire ‘safety’ and how to extinguish a lit hoop
  • Explanation of what moves are safe to do with a lit hoop and which look most effective
  • Chance to play with different types of unlit hoops to get used to the feel/weight
  • Information about what to look for in buying your first fire hoop
  • Fire hooping demo from Jo
  • A burn (or two or three) with a fire hoop

What to bring/wear

  • Clothes in natural fibres, e.g. cotton, wool, denim. Nothing too baggy or made of artificial fibres. Darker colours/older clothes are better (you will get sooty!)
  • Please tie hair back if possible. And/or bring a hat, beanie or bandana to cover hair
  • Camera/video camera if you want evidence of your burn!
  • Bottle of water – fire hooping is a thirsty business!

Am I ready to spin fire?

We recommend you’ve been hooping for a few months and feel comfortable spinning the hoop on your waist, above the head in lasso and with basic hand hooping moves.

Wet weather plan

If it’s rainy or particularly windy, we will need to reschedule, probably for the following week. Stay tuned for updates.


While every safety precaution will be taken, please be aware that this workshop is at your own risk.

Book now!

This is a SMALL group workshop with max 4-6 participants so book in quick. If you can’t make this date but still want to fire hoop, let us know and if we have enough requests we will set up additional workshop dates.



Jo's fire hoop workshop was brilliant. I was nervous at first, but she was very reassuring and taught us how to fire hoop safely in a small and supportive group. We were able to learn and try things out at our own speeds and try different hoops and I was doing quite a few different tricks by the end of it. I love fire hooping now, it's a really exciting and fun new way to enjoy hoop, the heat, noise and light is amazing! I have even gone on to perform with fire!


Hulahooping is a fun, exciting, and eye-catching way to add sparkle to any event, festival, party or corporate day!

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