Learn from the best at the Brighton Flow Fest

Winter Brighton Flow Fest is on Saturday 10 November 2018! You’ll get the opportunity to take workshops with some of the best hoop teachers in the world – Geoffrey Szuszkiewicz (CA), Carla Rose (UK), Nick Broyd (UK) as well as an awesome new burlesque workshop by BFF fave Fiona Ring (UK)!

Plus you’ll have time and space to play with other friendly hoopers from the local area. Finally, if you’re not too exhausted after all the hoop shenanigans, we’ll head out to a local pub for dinner and drinks afterwards.



9-5pm, Saturday 12 May 2018.


King Alfred Ballroom. Kingsway, Hove BN3 2WW.

5 min cab from Hove train station. 700 bus from centre of Brighton stops directly outside or the 6, 49 or 1 stop 5 mins walk away. There is no parking on site but we can provide a local all day parking permit for a small fee if requested in advance.

Skill level?

All welcome, from beginners to advanced

What to bring?

Hoops (we can lend you some if you need!), water bottle and your own lunch (there are a few local shops and a Tesco 10 mins away if you prefer). We will bring yummy and energising snacks.


£75 per ticket. You can put down a (non-refundable) £30 deposit now to hold your spot, remainder to be paid by 1 September

I don’t use PayPal, can I pay by BACs?

Yes, no problem, just email us and we will send you our bank details.

Please email us [email protected] to put your name on the waiting list. Also, we run BFF twice a year, so do sign up for our newsletter so you get to be first in line for info and ticket sales for the next one!


Sold out!

This event has sold out! To put your name on the waiting list please email [email protected]


Please be aware that after you buy your ticket, if you find you cannot make the event, it is your responsibility to resell it. However, LiveLoveHoop will make every effort to help you find a buyer. The deposit is non-refundable.


The Heads & Arms of Core Hoop Dance with Geoffrey Szuszkiewicz

This workshop will cover many dance aspects to hoop dance. We will do a lot of body rocking on the core, with a focus on waist, shoulders and head hooping, different arm positions and playing with negative space around the hoop. I will also include some tips and movements for continuous stalls and finish off with a few off-body moves with elbows. I want to introduce a couple vogue dance elements into the mix and if you’re a well-versed body rocker, I have additional challenges to push your control and range of movement further.

Geoffrey Szuszkiewicz originates from Canada but is based in Berlin currently. He has been body-rocking inside the hoop for 11+ years and performing, teaching and attending conventions on both sides of the Atlantic. He studies and practices the art of hoop dance diligently, both through self exploration and continual learning. He enjoys mixing movement styles from various backgrounds to transform them into something new. His hoop explorations focus heavily on dance and integrating hoop moves into our dance flow. Expect to play with negative spaces, different rhythms and engaging every part of our bodies in this exploration.


Escalators; The spiral Staircase with Carla Rose


Picture your hoop as a spiral staircase and you as the pole running down the middle. In this single hoop workshop we are going to explore the idea of breaking the spiral with a plethora of Escalator variations! Through a range of different movements; spins, twists, folds & hand placements, we’re going to look at how to adapt the escalator, put together some cool combos & incorporate it in our own flow, turning what can be a clunky move at first, into a world of possibilities!

Carla is a Hula Hoop Instructor, performer and Guinness World Record Holder based in London, UK.

7 years ago what started as a hobby became a Hula Hoop addiction! Carla has made it her mission to spread the Hoop love to as many people as possible!
Officially qualified as a HulaFit and Dance fitness instructor, she now teaches Hula Hooping as a great way to stay happy, healthy and fit, encouraging wellness & helping to connect people, but most of all, have fun!

Carla has been a Hula Hoop Instructor for 3 years, performed at a number of high-profile events, as well as being a long standing member of the World Record holding Hoop Troupe The Majorettes, with whom she holds 2 Guinness World Records!

Carla is also co-founder of Hulaballoo London, a London based Hula Hoop events company, who deliver high quality, affordable Hoop workshops from talented international teachers.


Opened and Closed Doubles with Nick Broyd

This is an ‘everyone can do doubles’ doubles workshop. We will be exploring manipulation techniques by presenting our hoops through opened and closed patterns. Our hoops are closed when they are held together in one or two hands. They can open out into a range of moves before closing again. We will play with some technical aspects of doubles, movement exercises, rolls, releases and isolations. We’ll also cover transition movements in and out of these patterns to level up your doubles flow!

Nick Broyd is an award winning hula hooper from Bristol, UK, and one of the most instantly recognisable hoopers on the UK and European circuit.

Picking up the hoop in 2009 he quickly developed an innovative and unique style, mixing original tricks with a fluid dance style, where he links technique to rhythm and musicality.

He teaches out of Bristol, UK where he has developed a succeful stream of classes, taking hoopers from his beginners groups and working with them right through to his advanced classes.

He has built a reputation for delivering engaging, inclusive play workshops, using hoop and more in depth circus skills, with young people. He’s worked with schools, specialist centres and after school and youth groups and loves inspiring young people to give hooping a go.

He has been present on the international teaching circuit for the past 6 years, teaching at almost every hoop festival going in Europe and further afield from Paris to Barcelona, Berlin to Vienna.

He has won numerous awards, including 2015 Male Hooper of the Year at the Hoopies (hooping.org) and was the inaugural Hooping Idol winner (hooping.org) in 2011, later returning as a panel judge at the competition.


Burlesque hoop dance with Fiona Ring

Fiona Ring is a expert dance teacher with over 20 years experience and she specialises in teaching fun, easy-to-learn routines from many different styles including Charleston, Swing, Contemporary, Bollywood, Jazz, Burlesque and many more.

Did you know the origins of burlesque is in the music halls of the 1800s and the style was full of comedy and laughter? In this workshop she will teach us the foundations of burlesque dance in an accessible and fun way and show us how to incorporate the style into our hoop dance. You’ll have a blast and learn new ways of moving with and without the hoop!


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