Want to learn more about Jo Mondy of LiveLoveHoop? In this article, she answers 11 questions about her passion for hoop teaching, the first steps to starting her hoop business and what we can expect from LiveLoveHoop in the future.


“Hooping gives people so much confidence and I love how that confidence can then spread to other parts of their lives.” – Jo Mondy, LiveLoveHoop

1) When and how did you start hooping?

I started hooping in 2007 when my best friend said she was going to hula hoop class on Bondi Beach in Sydney, Australia. I went along and I was completely rubbish! I couldn’t have hooped on my waist for more than a few seconds, but slowly over the course of the hour I was able to do more and more and by the end, I was hooked! 12 years later and I’m still addicted.

Jo taking a hoop class in 2007
Jo taking a hoop class in 2007

2) When did you realise you wanted to teach?

After 6 months obsessive hula hooping with my wonderful hoop mama Bunny Hoop Star, she asked if I would be able to cover a beginners class for her, I completely panicked, I had never done any sort of teaching or public speaking before, and was always quite a shy, retiring type (would you believe it!). But, with her wonderful advice “Fake it til you make it!” I said yes and started covering her class more regularly.


Bunny Hoop Star and Jo ready for a show!
Bunny Hoop Star and Jo ready for a show!

3) What was the first step for setting up LiveLoveHoop?

The first step for me was to make the very scary decision to leave my media/communications career and set up my own business teaching hoop.

When I moved to Brighton UK in 2010, I was at a literal crossroads as I’d been offered a secure, well-paying job – do I go down the traditional career path I was already on or do I give hula hoop teaching a go? I had a few sleepless nights deciding what to do but ultimately I took a risk and set up HulaHoop classes instead.

I thought I’d give myself 6 months and if it didn’t work, I’d go back into a “real” job. Luckily, the classes were a success and I’ve never looked back!


LiveLoveHoop - Jo Mondy
Jo’s first teacher bio shot

4) Where did you get the idea for LiveLoveHoop brand?

LiveLoveHoop came from my personal hooping motto. Live in the moment, Love what you do and Hoop all the time! I have had a bit of a love/hate relationship with the name over the years, as people seem to find it a bit difficult to spell (“LoveLiveHoop?” “LiveLaughLove?”) but overall I still do love it.

5) What is a surprising fact about being a hoop teacher?

You don’t get to spend your whole day hula hooping! More’s the pity. A lot of my work time is spent on admin, promotion, social media and non-hoop business stuff. All really important of course.


The very first LiveLoveHoop class performance in Brighton

6) What do you love about teaching hula hoop? What motivates you?

The best thing about teaching hula hoop is the joy in somebody’s eyes when they learn something new.

Whether that is a complete beginner getting waist hooping for the first time, a more advanced student learning a fancy trick, or a teacher trainee learning how to break down and teach a move. It fills me with excitement and energy every single time.

7) What are your proudest teaching moments?

Any time a student tells me how much they have grown and achieved. I love hearing stories of people who felt they could never do something (chest hooping, teaching a class, creating a choreography, performing) but they worked towards it and they did. Hooping gives people so much confidence and I love how that confidence can then spread to other parts of their lives.


8) Have you had any disaster hoop moments? What did you learn from it?

There have been many over the years! From rogue hoops flying off in performances and hitting the audience, to accidentally blasting out a song with very NSFW lyrics at a family event, to leaving hoops on the bus never to be seen again.

Ultimately, I think planning and preparation are key to making any teaching experience go as smoothly as possible. Of course, things will still catch you out, but the more organised you are, the less of a chance those things will happen.

9) What are your goals/plans for the LiveLoveFuture?

Ha! The LiveLoveFuture is bright! I am in the midst of a very exciting online project which will be launched in a few months time. Stay tuned!

My amazing LiveLoveHoop Troupe will be out in force this year at various events including the Brighton Festival, which is super exciting.

And as always, I want to continue bringing unique and exciting hoop courses to the Brighton and Hove hoop community.


banner faq beach

10) If you had one piece of advice to someone just starting out, what would it be?

It’s a cliche but – Just do it! It’s so easy to plan and plan but the only way to see if it is going to work is if you get out there and try it.

11) Anything else you would like to share?

If you have any questions for me about my teaching, my journey or anything I offer, I’m always here and happy to answer them.


Thanks Jo for taking the time to answer our questions!



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