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Getting kids up and moving can sometimes be a struggle but once you find that magic ingredient things become a lot easier. Here at LiveLoveHoop we are big believers in the healing power of hoop dance and know that kids love it as much as we do. Not only does hooping get us moving, but it also inspires us to be creative and all for the small price of a plastic circle!

Here’s why we think hooping is the perfect exercise for kids.

Hooping is easy!

As with all things, the more you learn the more complex it becomes but at its very core, hooping is all about keeping the hoop going around your body and once you find the rhythm, you’ve got it. Keeping the hoop ‘up’ (as we say in the biz) not only improves stamina and fitness but also works wonders for concentration and self-confidence. In our experience of hosting kids’ parties, children aged 6 and over can pick up waist hooping and even learn a short routine within a couple hours.

Wait a second…what move is that?

Once you have the hooping bug, it’s inevitable that you will want to learn new tricks. From the fantastically visual to the mind bendingly complex, hooping has a set of tricks all its own and is versatile enough to embrace the flow of other disciplines – have multiple hoops? Why not try hoop juggling? Want to practice staff? Try contact hoop. This is good for kids because through learning more complex tricks, they are engaging their patience and problem-solving skills while levelling up their reflexes, balance and coordination. It’s also great because it gives kids a grounding in all the other circus disciplines should they ever wish to run away and join the big top.

Go with the flow!

Ultimately, a hula hoop is a tool for creativity. Hooping provides a space (ahem, a circle) where kids can explore and find new forms of self-expression. It’s also a fantastic way to make new friends and have fun in a safe, non-competitive environment.

So, hooping is great for both mental and physical stimulation while boosting creativity and social skills but did we mention hoops are cheap to buy and easy to care for? Oh, and with loads of free tutorials online there are hours of entertainment at your fingertips.

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