Annafisher_jomondy2Italian Hoop Connection 2016

Fancy a weekend of amazing hoop workshops, delicious Italian food, a swimming pool and sunshine? Then the Italian Hoop Connection is for you!

I have just spent a long weekend enjoying the incredible vibe that organiser Paola Berton has created. About 50 hula hoopers from all over the world congregated in a sports village in the mountains about an hour from Bologna, enjoying gorgeous hot temperatures during the day and cool mountain air at night.

Italian hoop connection

Wonderful workshops with badass teachers

We had some incredible hoop workshops from internationally renowned teachers. I loved Ninja Hoops portals and jumps workshop which inspired lots of fun tricks under and around the legs. I didn’t make it to their acro hoop workshop but I heard it was lots of fun learning to cartwheel with hoops!

Both of Gail O’Brien’s workshops were pleasingly mind-bendy, teaching a solid mix of balances, throws and interesting rolls.

Anna Fisher shared a bunch of great trad circus tricks that I saw a lot of people working on all weekend, and Florence Huet’s hoop juggling workshops was both a great introduction to those who have never done it before and very inspiring for those who were a bit more advanced.

Jomondy-teach-ItalyI taught a workshop on picking up the hoop from the floor in new and interesting ways (including many an 80s style air grab) and also a flow workshop which was loads of fun!

Overall, I was really impressed by the dedication and energy of all of the students at the event – they were still energised and focuses after hours and hours of hoop workshops in the warm Italian sunshine.

Delicious downtime

imageThere was also plenty of time to relax by the pool, dance in the jacuzzi, play silly games with the Ninjas, drink Prosecco, eat incredible (and seemingly never-ending ) food, play, practice, chat and laugh. Plus, the staff at the venue were an absolute joy, making feel like you were part of the family and plying you with more delicious goodies at all times. Did I mention the food was amazing?

Swimming pool IHC

Totally recommended

I have been to a lot of hoop conventions in my time, and I really think this is one of the best in the world. Well organised, super friendly, perfect for all levels and a really great time for all involved.

Want to go next year? Keep an eye on the Italian Hoop Connection website for announcements about next years dates

What’s your fave hoop convention? Or which one do you have your eye on for future hoop adventures? Let us know in the comments!


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