Last week I had a call from Brighton’s top radio station Juice 107.2 asking if I could come in and teach their Breakfast radio presenter Hanna how to hula hoop live on air.

Of course I agreed! So I rocked up on Thursday at 7.30am and buzzed into the Juice studio. I must admit, I was slightly nervous about a) speaking live on air to thousands of people and b) teaching the presenters to hoop in what was a tiny studio space.

Luckily Hanna and James were absolutely lovely and made me feel completely at ease. We chatted about the Take Part festival happening in Brighton that I have been involved in, and they told me about their own try at hula hooping the day before.

I gave them my top hooping tips and then they were off! I was super impressed at their efforts considering the size of the space and the short lesson, but they both spun the hoop up for a fair few rotations.

Have a listen to the show on the YouTube clip above and see what you think! And tell me in the comments, what’s the best hula hooping tip you have even been given?

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