skates hoopAre you a beginner or haven’t hooped in a while?
We’ve redesigned our Beginners courses so you can choose Beginners A or Beginners B or even do BOTH at the same time if you’re that hardcore! They both have different beginners tricks in them, but you don’t have to do them in any order, so pick the time that suits you best and get hooping! Click here for dates and times or call 01273 600 010 to book!

Wicked Wedgies, Excellent Escalators and Badass Bodywraps
You’ll learn the foundations of these incredible, show-stopping moves, then we will work on lots of different variations and combinations that will keep you going for months and months! This course is totally multilevel. SO if you’ve never done any of these moves before, don’t worry, you will totally be able to nail them! OR if you are already pretty amazing at them, great! You will get to work on two hoop versions and more complicated combos every week.



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