Are you a beginner or haven’t hooped in a while?
We’ve redesigned our Beginners courses so you can choose Beginners A or Beginners B or even do BOTH at the same time if you’re that hardcore! They both have different beginners tricks in them, but you don’t have to do them in any order, so pick the time that suits you best and get hooping!

Dance with your hoop!
In this four week hoop dance course, starting 16 June,  we will get you moving in your hoop! Each week we will look at a different focus: from dancing with your arms/hands/ feet/head, to creating beautiful shape, poses and lines with your body, to connecting moves into sequences (solo and with others) and to really just rocking out to the music and forgetting about everything else! No tricks required, as long as you can spin your hoop on your hand or waist, you are ready to enjoy this course. Just £33 for a guaranteed good time! 

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