In January next year, Brighton-based hula hooper Jo Mondy will bring the joy of circus to thousands of children in Burmese refugee camps by teaching them how to spin a hula hoop.

Jo is joining forces with charity, Spark! Circus, which brings together a group of 20 circus performers from around the world to spend a month in refugee camps in Northern Thailand.

“I feel so honoured to be a part of this project,” Jo said.

“For the thousands of kids who live in these refugee camps, there are very few opportunities to play,laugh, be creative or have any sort of childhood. That’s where Spark Circus comes in.

“We will run circus workshops, bring donations of toys and art supplies, teach the kids how to make their own toys and make them laugh with our silly and fun performances,” she said.

Over 250 000 people have fled oppression, war and poverty in Burma to the refugee camps. Once there, however, they are prevented from leaving and entering Thailand legally.

While the UN, RedCross and other NGOs have set up schools and orphanages and help to provide food and shelter, the refugees live a life of uncertainty and limited freedom.

How can you help?

Spark! Circus is run solely on donations and volunteer work and each performer needs to raise US$1000 for children’s toys, equipment and food for the kids/teachers in the camps.

Jo has raised the funds to cover her flights and accommodation but needs your help to raise the rest.

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