Take your hooping to the next level!

What’s next after the Beginners course?

So you’ve been hooping a little while or you’ve done a beginners course and want to progress? At the moment we haven’t got a Continuers class running, but you’re welcome to head straight into our Intermediate course – don’t worry, we’ll make sure you’re totally comfortable! Otherwise feel free to email us at [email protected] so we can let you know when the next Continuers runs.


See our FAQ’s on all the information you need about our Hooping! Visit the Hooping section on the FAQ’s page.


Wonderfully inspiring

Jo brings sunshine (and hoops) everywhere she goes, regardless of the weather. As a teacher, she is inspiring, energising, encouraging and patient. As a performer she is professional, adaptable and wonderfully skilled! I’ve done 3 hoop courses with Jo (starting as a total beginner), as well as having her perform beautifully with LED hoops at my 30th birthday party. I couldn’t rate her more highly.


Take you hooping to the next level! We run brand new different tricks or flow courses each term.

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