Get your very own hoop!

Get hooping with your very own hula hoop. We aren’t currently selling hoops but can recommend the best places in the UK to get them

What size hoop should I get?

Ideally, your hoop should come up to your hip bone while it’s standing upright on the floor, but for beginners, the bigger the hoop, the better. We usually recommend a medium (36 inch diameter) for most adults and a large (41 inch diameter) for hoopers just starting out or those over 175cm tall.

I’m more advanced, should I get a polypro?

Polypro is a lighter and more rigid material which makes it perfect for more advanced hoopers. Great for multihooping, double hooping, breaks, wedgies, rolls and balances.

Where should I get my hoop?

In the UK we can personally recommend:

⭐️ HoopSpin –  Use code LIVELOVEHOOP for 10% off

⭐️ Jennie Brennen Hoops

⭐️ FireToys

⭐️ Oddballs


I love my hoop!

Jo can recommend the best hoop size for you...just ask her!

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