What size hulahoop do I need?

You need the right sized hoop for you to make sure your entry into hulahooping is a smooth as possible.

Measure from the floor to two inches higher than your belly button – this will give you the approximate diameter of your hoop. If your waist is slightly smaller than average, take off an inch or two. Likewise, if your waist is slightly larger than average, add an inch or two.

Most people start with a beginner hoop that is between 36 and 44 inch diameter, with an average of 40 inches.

In terms of thickness, I would recommend a hoop that is either 20mm or 25mm. The 25mm will be slightly heavier and give you more of a work out. The 20mm will be more maneuverable and easier for tricks.

Where can I buy a hulahoop?

You should be able to find a hoop seller in your local area through google. In the UK I can personally recommend HoopSpin.

Can I make my own hulahoop?

You sure can. Here‘s how.

Are there any hulahoop’s you don’t recommend?

Yes. Don’t buy a child sized hulahoop, it will make your life very difficult! I also do not recommend weighted hulahoops, they can cause extreme bruising on the waist and will be impossible to do any off-body tricks with.

What should I wear?

Wear comfortable clothes that aren’t too tight or too baggy. You need to be able to move! Most people wear fitness or yoga clothes. And you can hoop barefoot or in trainers – whatever is most comfortable for you.

What space do I need to hulahoop in?

Ideally a space approx 3 m² is enough to start learning to hoop in. If you’re indoors, make sure to move any valuable or delicate items out of the way! Obviously the bigger the space, the better, and if you can get outside, go for it.

What are the benefits of hulahooping?

As well as being super fun, hula hooping a great cardio and strength workout and a fab way to tone your tummy, arms and butt. It’s a low impact and mindful way to exercise and an amazing stress-buster. I also love that it is accessible for all ages, genders and abilities.

Will I lose weight hulahooping?

Hooping is a fantastic way to move your body, build your strength and up your heart rate – there have been scientific studies that show it can burn up to 200 cal in 30 minutes. A lot of people have had success losing weight with hooping if combined with a healthy and balanced diet.

I have a medical condition, can I hulahoop ?

I really hope so! Please go and see your doctor to discuss whether hooping will be okay for your condition.

I’m pregnant/just had a baby, when can I start hulahooping?

I know you’re excited but please wait until at least 6-12 weeks (and possibly longer) after you have had your baby before starting hulahooping. I would also recommend getting checked by a physio (preferably a specialist in postnatal /women’s health) to make sure you haven’t got any complications (such as diastasis recti) that could be aggravated by hooping.


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