What is hula hooping?

Hula hoops are back! And not like you remember them. Today’s hula hoops are designed for adults – larger and heavier – and can give you a full body workout, a new way to dance and a chance for you to rediscover your inner child.

Hooping is becoming more and more popular at gyms, festivals and even with celebrities like Michelle Obama, Beyonce and Kelly Osbourne as a way to get fit and have fun at the same time.

And it’s not just hooping on the waist! You can learn to spin the hoop on all different parts of your body combining tricks together to form a flowing dance.

How can I learn to hula hoop ?

We teach beginners in group and private classes in Brighton and Hove. Or, if you are not local, we also offer online tuition via Skype.

What are the benefits of hula hooping?

There’s so many, but to name just a few, hooping will :
* Give you a great cardio workout
* Tone your abs, arms, thighs and butt
* Develop your balance and hand-eye coordination
* Increase your flexibility
* Calm your mind and relieves stress with rhythmic circular motion
* Make you laugh as you rediscover your inner child

How many calories can I burn when hula hooping ? Will hooping help me lose weight?

The American Council of fitness says hulahooping can burn up to 210 calories per half an hour. We believe that with a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle, hulahooping can help you gain fitness and lose weight.

Can anyone learn to hula hoop?

Yes! With the right hoop and a bit of instruction, anybody can learn to spin a hula hoop! We have had students from aged 4 to 84, male and female, and all shapes and sizes.

Where can I buy a hoop?

We sell beginner hoops in Brighton and Hove. We also sell clear polypro hoops for more advanced hoopers. And we recommend our friends at Hoop Spin for coloured polypro hoops.

What size hoop do I need?

Hoop size is really important – the bigger the hoop, the easier it is to spin on your waist! As a beginner, ideally you want your hoop to come up to your hips or belly button when it is standing on end. We recommend our medium size hoops (36 inch diameter) or large size (41 inch diameter)  for beginners.

I’m a complete beginner, which course should I take?

Head over to the beginners class page and find a location and time that is right for you

I’ve been hooping for a while, what class should I take?

We run continuers courses, as well as various trick and flow style courses which would suit you. You should also join us at the Brighton flow fest, which happens twice yearly, featuring workshops from different instructors from around the UK and the world!

What should I wear and bring to hoop class?

Wear comfortable exercise clothing, nothing too baggy or too tight. Comfortable trainers or you can go barefoot if you prefer. Bring some water to keep hydrated.

Do I need my own hula hoop to attend the classes?

No, we bring hoops to each class. But it is recommended to have one to practice with at home if possible.

Can I book a private lesson?

Yes, we do private one-on-one tuition as well as small group sessions.

Can you teach a class at my school or workplace?

Yes, check out our schools page and teambuilding page for more info.

Where can I meet other local hoopers?

We have a Facebook group where people post lots of fun hoopy happenings including hoop meet ups and jams.

I’m not in Sussex, can I still learn from you?

Yes, we run private online Skype sessions so you can fast track your learning.  Or, get a group of people together and we can travel to you!

We’d like a fun activity for our Brighton hen party, what do you offer?

Hulahooping is a fun and inclusive hen party activity suitable for all ages and a great way to bond before the wedding. You’ll learn how to hoop on your waist then move on to lots of fun tricks on other parts of our body. We play lots of silly games and generally have a laugh! We finish by putting together in a little routine that you can film as a memento of the day. Some groups go on to perform their hoop routine at the wedding party! It’s very relaxed and the focus is on having a good time. Find out more about what we offer.

Can you book a venue for us?

Yes, hulahooping takes up quite a bit of space, so we are happy to find a venue in Brighton that will accommodate your numbers.

Can we hoop outside rather than booking a venue?

While we love hula hooping outdoors in the fresh air, the weather is not to be trusted in Brighton!. So we recommend that you book a venue as a backup just in case (some of our venues actually have outdoor space anyway, so you have the best of both worlds). If you want to risk it, it is up to you, but unfortunately we cannot provide refunds if the weather stops us from running the party.

Can we order a special gift hoop for the hen?

Yes, we can create a special custom hoop for your hen, or for the whole hen party if you like! Perfect if you want to perform a little routine at the wedding.

How can I find out more and book?

Check out our hen party page and get booking.

I’m after some fun and exciting party entertainment for my child’s birthday, what do you offer?

The party kicks off with a fantastic hoop show to wow the guests. Then the kids are encouraged to get into the spin as they are given clear and fun instruction on hoop tricks they can do on the body and in their hands.

Expect lots of games, dancing, laughter and excitement as the kids build their self confidence, fitness and hand-eye coordination in a supportive and encouraging environment.

We finish the party with a hoop dance jam where everyone can show off their new skills to party music

What is good age for a hoopy birthday party?

Our children’s parties are most suited to kids 4 years and up. Any younger and the hand-eye coordination needed for hulahooping hasn’t quite kicked in yet!

Should we book a one or two hour birthday party?

We normally recommend a one hour party for ages 4-6 years. 6 years and up can be one or two hours.

How much space do we need for a hoop party?

Hoops plus children take up a lot of space so we recommend as big a space as you can get! Most church or school halls are a good size depending on how many children you have coming,  but if you’re concerned, check with us and we will let you know. 

Can we do the party in the park or in our garden?

While we love hula hooping parties in the fresh air, the weather is not to be trusted in Brighton! So we recommend that you book a venue as a backup just in case. If you want to risk it, it is up to you, but unfortunately we cannot provide refunds if the weather stops us from running the party.

Are you insured?

Yes we have Public Liability insurance and are DBS checked.

How can I find out more and book?

Have a look at our children’s hoop party page for more information and bookings.

How can I become a hula hoop teacher?

Join the LiveLoveHoop hoop teacher training program! We have been running our training courses since 2011, with many happy graduates going on to create successful hulahoop businesses in the UK and around the world.

Am I ready to become a hoop teacher?

We get a lot of people emailing us who are concerned about their skill level, experience and lack of confidence. Ask yourself – are you passionate about hula hooping? Do you want to share the love of the hoop with others? If you said yes, then you are ready to become a hoop teacher!

How often do you run hoop teacher trainings in the UK?

We run weekend trainings three or four times a year in Brighton and often run one or two trainings in other parts of the UK too.

I can’t come to Brighton, will you come to me?

If you have four or more people willing to do the hoop teacher training and can help organise a venue, Jo will happily come to you.

Can you run hoop teacher trainings in other countries?

Yes, we have run successful teacher training sessions in Austria and Slovenia and we plan to run other international trainings in the future. Get in touch if you’re interested in having one in your country.

I’m already a hoop teacher, how can I deepen my skills?

We will have an Advanced Hoop Teacher Training page, which will have more information soon! In the meantime, you can email jo@livelovehoop.com if you’re interested!

I would love some sparkly entertainment at my event, what do you offer?

Hulahooping is a great way to add excitement to your event, wedding, private party or anywhere that needs a bit of spinning spectacular. We run have-a-go hoop workshops and can provide walkabout entertainment in stunning costume. We also perform stylish cabaret stage shows and spectacular LED or fire shows. Check out our entertainment page for more information.

Are you insured?

Yes, we have have public liability insurance, as well as fire performing insurance and are DBS checked. We can provide a risk assessment for your event as required.

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