25 July, 2019

Join the LiveLoveHoop Troupe!

Join the LiveLoveHoop Troupe and spread the joy of hulahooping! Vision To create a vibrant and joyful amateur hula hoop troupe that will share the love of hooping with Brighton and Hove and beyond.  Mission To grow the Brighton and Hove hoop community by sharing hooping (and LiveLoveHoop) with a larger audience through choreographed performances … Continued

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Hula Hooper spinning four hoops
27 June, 2019

Brighton Flow Fest 2019 – Meet the Teacher

In our new blog series, we get to know the instructors who will be teaching at this year’s Brighton Flow Festival. In our second instalment, we sit down with Jennie Brennen who tells us about her journey from introverted living room hooper to hoop teacher, performer and purveyor of spectacular handmade hoops. “I know all too … Continued

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7 June, 2019

Brighton Flow Fest 2019 – Meet the Teacher

In our new blog series, we get to know the instructors who will be teaching at this year’s Brighton Flow Festival. Our first teacher in the hoop-seat is Andeli Zumbuhl from Switzerland. Creator of the SilknHoop and passionate believer in the healing power of flow, here is Andeli to tell us more about her life … Continued

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12 April, 2019

LiveLoveHoop Troupe Events 2019

Roll Up! Roll Up! The LiveLoveHoop Troupe is out in force in 2019 offering performances and workshops throughout East and West Sussex. Many of these events are free for all the family, so bring your loved ones and get your hoop on! 18 May – Our Place @ Brighton festival 2-3pm. 18th May. The Manor Gym, East Brighton … Continued

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8 April, 2019

Meet the Founder Q&A – LiveLoveHoop

Want to learn more about Jo Mondy of LiveLoveHoop? In this article, she answers 11 questions about her passion for hoop teaching, the first steps to starting her hoop business and what we can expect from LiveLoveHoop in the future. “Hooping gives people so much confidence and I love how that confidence can then spread … Continued

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LiveLoveHoop workshops
29 March, 2019

Health Benefits of Hula Hooping

  We all know that hooping is fun, but is it good for you? Does hooping count towards your Government approved 150 minutes of exercise a week? The answer is, perhaps unsurprisingly, yes. If you are looking for a new way to get in shape, then hula hooping is the perfect exercise. Even science agrees!   … Continued

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banner hoop shop
22 March, 2019

How To Make A Hula Hoop

Making your own hula hoop is a great rainy day project and is a fun way to personalise your plastic circle of joy. What you need to make a hula hoop: MDPE (medium density polyethylene) tubing: available from hardware and plumbing suppliers. It normally comes in a roll of 25m, which will make you around … Continued

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Live Love Hoop
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