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Need some fun games you can play with your children while they’re at home? Try these out!

1. Hoop Scotch

If you’ve got more than one hoop, you can lay them out in a hop scotch pattern and skip through it.

 If you’ve only got one hoop, draw a hop scotch pattern on the ground with chalk (or tape it on the floor if you’re inside) and have someone hold the hoop up at the end as a tunnel to jump or dive through to finish.

You can also try to hulahoop on your waist or hand while you do the hop scotch – tricky!

2. Hula Targets

Use the hoop as a target to throw balls or bean bags through! Make it harder by standing further and further back. If you’ve got space outside, try hanging the hoop from a tree or fence to increase throwing dexterity.

3. Hoop Ring Toss

Classic hoop-lah! Get someone to stand with their hands in the air. Then you try to throw hoops on them!

If no-one is brave enough to stand in the middle, this also works well with teddies or water bottles.

Want more hula fun with the kids?

Try my online hoop course designed just for primary-school aged children! You’ll get 10 fancy tricks, 5 awesome games and 1 funky choreography to learn. It’s donation-based during the pandemic so download for free and pay what you feel/can afford.

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