Are you planning what to do for your kids party? With a bunch of hoops and a bit of planning, you can throw your own hula-extravaganza!

Start with the basics

Make sure all party members can waist hoop! Teach them the technique and then get them spinning the hoop around their waist for as long as they can. While the kids are hooping, you can go around and offer tricks and tips if anyone is struggling. For more advice on how to get your kids waist hooping we really love this video from the Hula Monsters.

Add Variations

Once the party is happy with waist hooping, you can challenge them with simple variations:

  • Kneeling while hooping: Start hooping on the waist and get to the ground in a kneeling position without knocking the hoop off the waist and then stand back up all without dropping your hoop!
  • Neck hooping: Start the hoop at the back of your neck and then bob your head back and forth like a chicken and try to keep it going – remind kids to watch out for their faces. Extra points for chicken arms!

Teach them a routine

This is perfect if your party is for older kids. There are loads of tricks that are perfect to teach in a limited amount of time that you can then put together into a short routine. If you are looking for a bit of inspiration, Dancing LenkaCZ has a great routine which you can find here

Human Ring Toss

An oldie but a goodie – works especially well if the instructor is the ring toss pole so you can maximise the silliness involved. The aim of the game is to get your hoop onto the target! This can work just as well with water bottles or cones etc if you can’t find a willing grown up.

Declare a HULA WAR!

A great way to end just before you wind down the session. This game involves walking while waist hooping (a great trick to practice during your session!). It can get a little competitive but make sure all challenges are verbally accepted at the beginning and there are high fives at the end of each ‘battle’. The game starts when the two opponents start waist hooping at the same time, they then walk towards each other trying to knock each other’s hoops to the floor– the winner is the one who knocks the other’s hoop off their waist.

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